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Cranky Rant Time –

Last Sunday Mary and I saw a very fine production of THE ADDAMS FAMILY musical at the Mercury Theater here in Chicago. The production was excellent, the only problem I had was with the program.

-There were no bios for the playwrights (Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice) and composer/lyricist¬† (Andrew Lippa).¬† I’d much rather read about their body of work than about the Assistant to the Assistant to the Dramaturg.

-There was no acknowledgement anywhere of Vic Mizzy as the composer of the TV show theme (which was used both in the Overture and the Curtain Call).

-And, worst of all, there was no acknowledgement anywhere of Charles Addams. No listing, no bio, no “inspired by the works of” – nothing! It’s like Charles Addams never existed, never created these wonderful macabre characters, never gave everyone involved with the show the foundation they built upon.

Everyone out there in the arts – whether it’s theater, film, music, comic books, wood-carvings, anything – please remember to give credit where credit is due.

End of Rant.

(It really was a very fine show with some terrific performances).


One Response to “Please Give Credit Where Credit Is Due”

  1. Shawna

    I agree. How could all of this been left out? (I’m hearing great things about the show, by the way…)

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