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I wrote this at the beginning of May for a newsletter looking for Dystopian plays.  I didn’t know the “near future” would be the end of the month.

The First of Spring by John Weagly

(Lights up. A street corner in the near future.  AGNES and RUTHERFORD enter.)

AGNES: Would you look at that!

RUTHERFORD: The obedience-bots are out!

AGNES: Look at them whirl…

RUTHERFORD: …and gyrate…

AGNES: …and punish.

RUTHERFORD: The first sign of spring!

AGNES: The long, dark winter is over.

RUTHERFORD: Look at them round up provocateurs.

AGNES: So much poking…

RUTHERFORD: …and prodding…

AGNES: …and zapping.

RUTHERFORD:  Cramming delinquents into tiny, constrictive cages. 

AGNES: I wonder what they did?

RUTHERFORD:  Those being chastised?

AGNES:  Yes.

RUTHERFORD: Agitation, perhaps?

AGNES: Maybe they expressed an unpopular opinion.

RUTHERFORD: Or incited anarchy.

AGNES: Stood up to authority?

RUTHERFORD: Perhaps they left the house without a street pass.

(They both check their pockets for their street passes.  They have them and are relieved.)

RUTHERFORD: Whatever it was, I’m sure the abuse meets the transgression.

AGNES: Look, that obedience-bot has snatched away that woman’s child.

RUTHERFORD: Perhaps it is the child that is the rabble-rouser.

AGNES: Perhaps.  (She looks more closely.)  Do they have a new coat of paint?

RUTHERFORD: The obedience-bots?


RUTHERFORD: I can’t quite tell, they look the same dark grey to me.

AGNES: No, it used to be a more oppressive color.  This grey seems more… savage.

RUTHERFORD: I do believe you’re right.  It looks much more overbearing.

AGNES: Yes.  Disheartening.

RUTHERFORD: Without losing any of its oppressive qualities.  It’s like you can see the tyranny glisten in the hue.

AGNES: So severe.  If that’s not a sign of the change of seasons, I don’t know what is!

RUTHERFORD: The long, dark winter is over.

AGNES: The long, dark spring has begun!

(They continue on their way, leaving the obedience-bots to their mischief. Lights down.)


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