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The Devil’s Garden

January 7th, 2016

. I always wanted to write a Devil at the Crossroads story – so I wrote one. It’s called “The Devil’s Garden.” It’s a Whispering Gulch story and I’ve been lucky enough to have it published in the Texas Gardener Newsletter SEEDS. You can read it here. Want to read more about Whispering Gulch? Check […]

. A new Whispering Gulch story! My western story “The Woman Who Waltzed With Ulysses S. Grant” is available today at the wonderful flash fiction web-zine SPELK. Check it out! Want to read more about Whispering Gulch? Check out “The Devil’s Kiss” at THE OTHER OTTER. .

. My Whispering Gulch short story “Dead Man’s Feet” has been accepted for issue 3 of the new and improved Western magazine THE BIG ADIOS. It’ll be published next March. This is the fourth Whispering Gulch story to be accepted for publication. .

. A new Whispering Gulch western has been published at a cool humor site called THE OTHER OTTER. The story is called “The Devil’s Kiss.” Other Whispering Gulch western stories have been published at THE BIG ADIOS. They include: “Six Bullets in F Minor” and “The Rustle of Bed Sheets and One Lost Cow” .

. Very nice news – My short story, “The Rustle of Bed Sheets and One Lost Cow,” is up today at the very fine webzine THE BIG ADIOS (which is published by the very admirable folks at One Eye Press). This is the second story in my Whispering Gulch series. The first story, “Six Bullets […]

. I have a new short story up today at the ultra-cool Western zine THE BIG ADIOS. Check out “Six Bullets in F Minor.” .

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