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. Camille danced in the night shadows, clucking at the full moon, scratching at the stars. Under the same sky, Steve slithered through dark green water, pondering the purpose in his heart. Upon meeting on the grassy shore of a forgotten lake, it was love at third sight. They caught themselves in an embrace of […]

. The man sitting on your right smells like Cheetos rubbed on wet feet. “Do you know what time it is?” he asks. You dig in your pocket for your phone. As you bury your hand in your pants, you wonder if you’re being inappropriate with the woman sitting to your left. She’s pressed up […]

. The clown in the bathroom wouldn’t stop crying. It was quite annoying really. I didn’t have to use the toilet, I went in to wash my hands. His sorrow made it awkward. He filled the tiny, tiled room with echoing whimpers and remorse. “Everything okay?” I felt forced to ask. “My girlfriend,” he blubbered. […]

. This is a big weekend for me in the Big Apple – I have four short plays being performed around the metropolitan area. My 1-minute play “A Bullet For Every Brain” has been chosen by Screaming Media Productions for the Gone in 60 Seconds 10th anniversary show – THE BEST OF Gi60. “A Bullet […]

. My Whispering Gulch short story “Dead Man’s Feet” has been accepted for issue 3 of the new and improved Western magazine THE BIG ADIOS. It’ll be published next March. This is the fourth Whispering Gulch story to be accepted for publication. .

. A new Whispering Gulch western has been published at a cool humor site called THE OTHER OTTER. The story is called “The Devil’s Kiss.” Other Whispering Gulch western stories have been published at THE BIG ADIOS. They include: “Six Bullets in F Minor” and “The Rustle of Bed Sheets and One Lost Cow” .

. Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Why not start celebrating now by buying THE COMPLETE KILLER WORE CRANBERRY, an electronic trio of Thanksgiving-themed anthologies from Untreed Reads? I’m in the 2nd one with my story “Thursday Night at Pins and Pub.” Over 40 stories for the low, low price of $7.99! .

. Very nice news – My short story, “The Rustle of Bed Sheets and One Lost Cow,” is up today at the very fine webzine THE BIG ADIOS (which is published by the very admirable folks at One Eye Press). This is the second story in my Whispering Gulch series. The first story, “Six Bullets […]

Reloaded – Out Today!

September 10th, 2013

. Out today from the good people at Shotgun Honey and One Eye Press – RELOADED (Both Barrels) volume 2 Featuring my story “The Last Croak” And a whole lot of other great words. Buy it. .

Elmore Leonard R.I.P.

August 20th, 2013

. “Try to leave out the parts that readers tend to skip.” Author Elmore “Dutch” Leonard died this morning. He was 87 years old. He was one of the best. Here are some random thoughts on this great writer: – My first exposure to Leonard’s writing was seeing the movie GET SHORTY when it came […]

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