BONE BALLET Author Guidelines:

The theme for this anthology is bones. It’s simple, there has to be a bone or a skeleton that is integral to the story. This can mean a lot of different things, however I don’t want any forensic tales, none of that “find a body and solve the crime by studying the remains” stuff. To give you an idea of what I’m looking for, read:

“The Bone Garden” by Don Webb in HORRORS! 365 SCARY STORIES
“The Tapping” by John Everson in SPOOKS!
“Daddy Mention and the Monday Skull” by Andy Duncan in MOJO: CONJURE STORIES
“Skeleton” by Ray Bradbury in THE OCTOBER COUNTRY.

I’m looking for crime and horror stories. Think Dark. Think Offbeat.
Since this chapbook will be debuting around the time of Bouchercon, I’ll be leaning towards crime stories.

Fiction Only.
Originals and reprints considered but I prefer original (I’ll accept a good original story over a good re-print any day).

No erotica.

500 – 2,000 Words (Shorter is better than Longer)

No multiple submissions, only send your best.

Send as an e-mail attachment (DOC or RTF) to

Submission Deadline: 6-6-5
Projected Publication date: September 2005

Payment: $10 plus 2 Contributor Copies. Payment upon publication.
Don’t be offended if I like your story, but ask for re-writes. I’m picky.
Include a short bio (75 Words Maximum).
This anthology will be around 10,000 words total, a saddle-stapled chapbook with a very small initial print run of around 100 copies.